Bet on it

Anyone who has ever been in a decent casino will tell you that it is an experience you have to have at least once in your life. Unfortunately not everyone has had the opportunity of being in a proper casino as gambling is still one of the most frowned upon forms of thrill seeking. I am Tina Mitchell and I would like to suggest an alternative way of getting your gambling kicks. As I understand, online gambling is now the most convenient way to have your gambling urges satisfied.

The Similarities

Definitely casino games played on your laptop are not the same experience as feeling the chips in your hand, smelling the alcohol drenched air of the casino and looking at the dealer with murderous rage and disgust when he takes away all your money. The casino experience may be good for some and for some it can be about too much hype and disappointment, but when everything is said and done, it is a unique one and makes for a good story. Online gambling on the other hand is like going to the zoo, you see the same animals you would in a safari but it is not quite the same. It is within reach however and the thrill of winning the pot is the same no matter where you play and so is the bitterness of disappointment. You could come home from work and blow off some steam by gambling on your computer and it would take up only a fraction of your day. Mind you, online gambling may not have all the authentic joys of a real casino but it doesn’t have many of the miseries too. You don’t ever have to talk to anyone you gamble with on the internet unless you want to. Thanks to the magic of internet connectivity you can stay in touch with someone that you like too.

The Differences

Well, because of thousands and thousands of websites that are designed to scam you online gambling has gotten slightly complicated. There are many forms of casinos including something called bitcoin casino where you are required to use bitcoins, an internet based currency in order to gamble. Most of these are for the sake of security. If we really ask ourselves is going to a casino (neglecting the hassle of getting there) really all that simple? You have to buy chips valid in the casino to play, which is the same as buying bitcoins. The difference really is only the difference between virtual reality and reality. It gives you the same sensations but it isn’t the real thing (you win or lose real money though).

Whether you are gambling with bitcoins or chips from a grand casino, the important thing is to enjoy yourself. Losing money can be frustrating but playing to win and playing for the pay are two different things. Don’t bet what you cannot afford to lose that’s all I am saying. Then maybe no one needs to frown upon a gambler anymore.

The dream is dead

There used to be a time when people used to dream about winning enough money gambling to live off of. I am Terry Larson and I am sorry to say that that dream is as good as dead. At least it is when it comes to online gambling.


Many will argue there are ways to win money like counting cards. Apart from that there is no such thing as having a formula to win a game of chance. Especially because most casinos and online gambling websites have a system that makes sure that the players never win more money than the casino has taken from the participants. Here you can argue that you will be playing against other players and this means you just need to best them to win, you still have to be quite good at the game and have luck too. Either way, there is no way to get rich overnight which means that dream goes down the pipes.

Don’t believe everything you read.

You can choose to disregard everything being said here too, but it will be smarter if you would rather not believe the books and articles that say you can have a sure win. Online gambling is a game of chance and what they are doing is giving you false hope.

You can wish it but that doesn’t mean it’s true

The biggest problem with people who play online gambling and develop a gambling disorder is that they are always hoping against hope. I am Brian Thuram and I would like to share with you some of the dos and don’ts of playing casino games online.

The Dos

Do your research. The first obstacle in online gambling is finding a trustworthy website to gamble in. Do it for the thrill. Gambling’s greatest offering is the rush of endorphins that it brings during the anticipation of the next outcome. Make sure you are gambling for that rush rather than the winnings. Not to say you should lose competitiveness, compete to win and let the rolls and draws excite you, do not place as much priority on the winnings then you will not risk what you can’t afford to risk.

The Don’ts

Don’t let a defeat get to your ego. Usually the thing a person finds most difficulty in doing is walking away especially after you have been cleaned out. If it is not your night it is not your night, there is no point in continuing you online gambling escapade for your ego.

Competition of Thrills

Our species have devised many a means to entertain themselves. From the blood lust of the Colosseum to the poise of the Olympics we have managed to supply our thrill hungry consciousness with doses of excitement to get us through our life. The most primal of all the things we have created to keep our minds occupied is gambling. Gambling has been a part of the human nature since the dawn of our civilization and as we progressed in this world so did the way we gamble. I am Joan Matthews and I would like to guide you through the newest form which gambling has taken. Welcome to the world of online gambling.

About Online casinos

It didn’t take us long to use the medium of information super-highway to gamble. The first proper online casino was launched in 1994 and we have been improving on them ever since. They do pose a security risk though since thousands of websites who claim to be casinos are created to scam you off their money. You have to make some arrangements in order to have a safe online gambling experience. First off, don’t pay money unless a website has been deemed safe. Do a little research on the casino you have chosen to gamble in before you pay them and if there are bad reviews and issues concerning transactions or lost money then look elsewhere.

The way forward

The fact of the matter is online gambling is extremely profitable which is why a new website pops up every minute. This also means that there is a lot of competition going on which is making the developers search for new ways to enhance the experience. I am talking about live gaming with real dealers and a website tailored specifically to your needs. There are thousands of them out there and the goods ones will have fulfill various criteria which you thought was never possible in online gambling.

Gambling can be a dangerous thing but only if you let it be so. You have to keep track of the money you are putting into an amusement and make sure you can afford it. I have had a few brushes with the gambling addiction bug, nothing too serious and only a few missed months on missed rent. I can tell you right now that you can have a fulfilling online gambling experience simply by playing for the fun of it rather than greed.

Wild gambling

There are purists in this world of almost everything; we have purists starting from religious ones to cinema purists. My name is Kyle Monaco and I would like to talk to you about the problems of a gambling purist.

What they say

Most gambling purists have a hatred of online gambling websites. You would think that because internet casinos are making gambling more accessible they would be happy with them, that is hardly the case. They claim that online gambling is only attracting light hearted gamblers who will always chicken out before risking anything that is of any value to them. Well excuse us for not becoming gambling addicts.

Why they are wrong.

Thanks to the online gambling scene you don’t have to be a hardcore gamble junkie to enjoy a spot of exciting betting. You can use some money you can spare on your spare time to go and play the games you loved when you visited Vegas and have the lazy evening pass by without boredom. Keeping things light will allow you to enjoy the thrills of the risk without missing out on any of the actual things you want to do like have money to go to the movies. If anything, if you win, you could get the extra large popcorn.